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No physical t-shirt is sold in this listing. For graphic tees see our PSS! Graphic Shirts Tab. This product requires an industrial heat press.

Plastisol ink screen print one color, front and back/sleeve

Temp: 325-350

Time: 10-15 sec

Heat: Industrial Heat Press (no Cricut press or Iron)

Pressure: High/Firm

Peel: Hot Peel

DTF Transfers

  1. Your heat press should be at medium to firm pressure.
  2. For cotton and 50/50 blends 320-350F degrees, For synthetic or polyester fabrics 280-300F degrees.
  3. Prepress your fabric for 2 to 3 seconds. Then press transfer to fabric for 10 to 15 seconds.
  4. Peel COLD!

*Disclaimer: This product is a screen print only! No type of apparel is sold in this listing. You can use our images as mockups to place on your sites for sales. Join our FB group Craftopia Central to gain access to our mockups.

P.S.S and affiliates are not responsible for user error. If you are new to screen printing transfers or unsure of the temp and pressures of your machines, I suggest you order extra transfers.