Collection: Screen Print & DTF Transfers

Screen print and DTF transfers are a popular method of customizing clothing and other fabric items with high-quality designs. This process involves using a special type of ink, which is applied to a transfer paper using a screen printing technique, or DTF film. The transfer paper is then placed onto the fabric and the ink is transferred onto the fabric using a heat press and pressure.

Screen print transfers and DTF prints are also highly durable and able to withstand multiple washes, making them a great choice for long-lasting designs.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to customize your clothing or fabric items, screen print transfers  and DTF prints are definitely worth considering. With their high-quality results, versatility, and durability, you can create stunning clothing and other fabric items that will last for years to come.

*Must use an industrial heat press for this product (no irons or Cricut press). We do not offer any helpful tips or suggestion on how to use our products.